How to Add a WordPress Administrator to the Database using SQL Queries

Manually Add a WordPress User with Administrator Role to the MySQL Database using SQL Quries or phpMyAdmin In a recent WordPress hack attack which we worked on and recovered, the owner’s WordPress administrator account was demoted to a user role, therefore the owner did not have any control over the WordPress installation. To regain back… Continue reading How to Add a WordPress Administrator to the Database using SQL Queries


Assume you want to block torrent & p2p traffic on Local/Lan address is (Change setting according to your network) /ip firewall address-list add name=torrentsites regexp=”^.*(get|GET).+(torrent|thepiratebay|isohunt|entertane|demonoid|btjunkie|mininova|flixflux|torrentz|vertor|h33t|btscene|bitunity|bittoxic|thunderbytes|entertane|zoozle|vcdq|bitnova|bitsoup|meganova|fulldls|btbot|flixflux|seedpeer|fenopy|gpirate|commonbits).*\$” /ip firewall filter add chain=forward src-address= layer7-protocol=torrentsites action=drop comment=torrentsites add chain=forward src-address= protocol=17 dst-port=53 layer7-protocol=torrentsites action=drop comment=dropDNS add chain=forward src-address= content=torrent action=drop comment=keyword_drop add chain=forward src-address= content=tracker action=drop… Continue reading HOW TO BLOCK TORRENT & P2P IN MIKROTIK

Create TCPDF PHP Fonts

TCPDF supports TrueTypeUnicode (UTF-8 Unicode), OpenTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, CID-0 and Core (standard) fonts. You will find font creation utility at fonts/utils of TCPDF… copy desired font to fonts/utils/svnlabs.ttf * For TrueTypeUnicode # cd /var/www/html/tcpdf/fonts/utils # ttf2ufm -a -F svnlabs.ttf # php -q makefont.php svnlabs.ttf svnlabs.ufm * For embedded fonts to tcpdf PDF file.. copy the resulting svnlabs.php,… Continue reading Create TCPDF PHP Fonts

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